MAJC-5200: A High Performance Microprocessor for Multimedia Computing

  • Subramania Sudharsanan
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The newly introduced Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing (MAJC) supports parallelism in a hierarchy of levels: multiprocessors on chip, vertical micro threading, instruction level parallelism via a very long instruction word architecture (VLIW) and SIMD. The first implementation, MAJC-5200, includes some key features of MAJC to realize a high performance multimedia processor. Two CPUs running at 500 MHz are integrated into the chip to provide 6.16 GFLOPS and 12.33 GOPS with high speed interfaces providing a peak input-output (I/O) data rate of more than 4.8 G Bytes/second. The chip is suitable for a number of applications including graphics/multimedia processing for high-end set-top boxes, digital voice processing for telecomm unications, and advanced imaging.


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