The AutoMed Schema Integration Repository

  • Michael Boyd
  • Peter McBrien
  • Nerissa Tong
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The AutoMed EPSRC project, jointly run by Birkbeck and Imperial Colleges, has as part of its aims the implementation of some previous theoretical work, which we now term the AutoMed approach to database schema and data integration. In this approach [2] the integration of schemas is specified as a sequence of bidirectional transformation steps, incrementally adding, deleting or renaming constructs, so as to map one schema to another schema. Optionally associated with each transformation step is a query expression, describing how instances of the construct (i.e. the data integration) can be obtained from the other constructs in the schema. One feature of AutoMed is that it is not restricted to use a particular modelling language for the description of database models and their integration. Instead, it works of the principle that data modelling languages such as ER, relational, UML, etc. are graph-based data models, which can be described [3] in terms of constructs in the hypergraph data model (HDM) [5]. The implementation of AutoMed provides only direct support for the HDM, and it is a matter of configuration of AutoMed to provide support for a particular variant of a data modelling language.


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