Algebraic Dynamics and Transcendental Numbers

  • Michel Waldschmidt
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 550)


A first example of a connection between transcendental numbers and complex dynamics is the following. Let p and q be polynomials with complex coe efficients of the same degree. Aclassical result of Böttcher states that p and q are locally conjugates in a neighborhood of ∞: there exists a function f, conformal in a neighborhood of infinity, such that f(p(z)) = q(f(z)). Under suitable assumptions, f is a transcendental function which takes transcendental values at algebraic points. Aconsequence is that the conformal map (Douady-Hubbard) from the exterior of the Mandelbrot set onto the exterior of the unit disk takes transcendental values at algebraic points. The underlying transcendence method deals with the values of solutions of certain functional equations.

Aquite different interplay between diophantine approximation and algebraic dynamics arises from the interpretation of the height of algebraic numbers in terms of the entropy of algebraic dynamical systems.

Finally we say a few words on the work of J.H. Silverman on diophantine geometry and canonical heights including arithmetic properties of the Hénon map.


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