Phonon Fine Structure in the 1/f Noise of Metals, Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices

  • Mihai N. Mihaila
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 550)


Results pointing to phonon participation in the 1/f noise of metals, semiconductors and semiconductor devices are presented. Afine structure corresponding to both bulk and surface phonons is shown to exist in the 1/f noise of different solid-state physical systems. It is described how Phonon Density Of States (PDOS) superposition method can be used to identify surface and bulk equilibrium atomic motions as microscopic 1/f noise sources. Aclose connection between the 1/f noise parameter and PDOS or Eliashberg function is suggested. Examples proving that the temperature dependence of the 1/f noise parameter is the image of the lattice vibration spectrum are given for both metals and semiconductors. Consequently, a simple connection between the activation energy distribution and PDOS is revealed and lattice anharmonicity appears to naturally affect the frequency exponent.


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