Integrating Meeting Capture within a Collaborative Team Environment

  • Heather Richter
  • Gregory D. Abowd
  • Werner Geyer
  • Ludwin Fuchs
  • Shahrokh Daijavad
  • Steven Poltrock
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Meeting capture has been a common subject of research in the ubiquitous computing community for the past decade. However, the majority of the research has focused on technologies to support the capture but not enough on the motivation for accessing the captured record and the impact on everyday work practices based on extended authentic use of a working capture and access system. Our long-term research agenda is to build capture services for distributed workgroups that provide appropriate motivation and further understand how access of captured meetings impacts work practices. To do this, we have developed a testbed for meeting capture as part of a larger distributed work system called TeamSpace. In this paper, we discuss the requirements for meeting capture within TeamSpace, describe the initial prototype developed, and report on initial usage.


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  • Heather Richter
    • 1
  • Gregory D. Abowd
    • 1
  • Werner Geyer
    • 2
  • Ludwin Fuchs
    • 3
  • Shahrokh Daijavad
    • 2
  • Steven Poltrock
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  1. 1.Graphics, Visualization, & Usability CenterGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAtlantaUSA
  2. 2.IBM T.J. Watson Research CenterHawthorneUSA
  3. 3.Boeing Mathematics & Computing TechnologySeattleUSA

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