Evaluation of OpenMP for the Cyclops Multithreaded Architecture

  • George Almasi
  • Eduard Ayguadé
  • Călin Caşcaval
  • José Castaños
  • Jesús Labarta
  • Francisco Martínez
  • Xavier Martorell
  • José Moreira
Conference paper
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Multithreaded architectures have the potential of tolerating large memory and functional unit latencies and increase resource utilization. The Blue Gene/Cyclops architecture, being developed at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, is one such systems that offers massive intra-chip parallelism. Although the BG/C architecture was initially designed to execute specific applications, we believe that it can be effectively used on a broad range of parallel numerical applications. Programming such applications for this unconventional design requires a significant porting effort when using the basic built-in mechanisms for thread management and synchronization. In this paper, we describe the implementation of an OpenMP environment for parallelizing applications, currently under development at the CEPBA-IBM Research Institute, targeting BG/C. The environment is evaluated with a set of simple numerical kernels and a subset of the NAS OpenMP benchmarks. We identify issues that were not initially considered in the design of the BG/C architecture to support a programming model such as OpenMP. We also evaluate features currently offered by the BG/C architecture that should be considered in the implementation of an efficient OpenMP layer for massive intra-chip parallel architectures.


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  • Eduard Ayguadé
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  • Călin Caşcaval
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  • José Castaños
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  • Jesús Labarta
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  • Francisco Martínez
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  • Xavier Martorell
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