Project Improvement as Start-up

  • Ton Dekkers
Conference paper
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“We boldly go where no man has gone before”. We want to announce new products and services and use matching supporting information systems. All this more rapidly than before and with higher quality. Thinking about time to market, you will come automatically to the question: “How to improve the process to be able to deliver more rapidly?” But the most important of all is not the process; it is the product that matters. Very simple: A product delivered in time that is not working as expected is not a good product. We need to be sure that the product meets the expectations. In this paper we will look in particular in depth to activities needed for defining the product specifications to assure the product will meet the expectations. This we do based on Quality Tailor-Made. Quality Tailor-Made (QTM) is a risk-based approach to improve product as well as process in a project. The project is then a start-up for overall improvement.


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