Processes and Knowledge Management: A Symbiosis

  • Christof Nagel
Conference paper
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In the Development Center South West the business and engineering processes and the knowlege management system build a symbiosis. The knowledge management system is embedded in the business process modell, which has been established for several years. The processes provide the knowledge mangement with input and support the use of it. The systems manages information objects, which contain the description of knowledge, “non practices” and “best practices” of the knowledge mangement and which have a structure, conceptual based on the quality improvement paradigm. Beside the usual ones (queries, ...) a new kind of accessing information objects is given by the processes, whereas the proccesses and their activities are attributed with links to the objects. A systematic approach for improving processes is a result of the symbiosis. This article describes the results we have got one year after initializing the symbiosis.


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