An Overview of MPEG-7 Motion Descriptors and Their Applications

  • Ajay Divakaran
Conference paper
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We present an overview of the MPEG-7 motion descriptors viz. motion trajectory, camera motion, parametric motion and motion activity. These descriptors cover a wide range of functionality and hence enable several applications. We present the salient parts of the syntax, the semantics and the associated extraction of each of these descriptors. We discuss the possible applications for these descriptors and associated complexity trade-offs. We then describe a case study of a low complexity video browsing and indexing system that capitalizes on the simple extraction, compactness and effectiveness of the motion activity descriptor. This system relies on feature extraction in the compressed domain, which makes dynamic feature extraction possible. It combines the MPEG-7 motion activity descriptor and a simple color histogram to achieve both video summarization (top-down traversal) and indexing (bottom-up traversal) and thus enables a user-friendly video-browsing interface.


MPEG-7 motion-based video indexing and summarization motion activity 


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