Flexible Graph Layout and Editing for Commercial Applications

  • Arne Frick
  • Brendan Madden
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Tom Sawyer Software produces commercial-quality layout and diagramming component technology for use by corporate enterprises, software providers, and educational institutions. Software application developers utilize Tom Sawyer Software’s technology to solve difficult modeling, complexity management, and diagram visualization problems. Our focus is the continued research into layout theory and how we can apply our technical expertise in solving our customers’ problems. To date we have two comprehensive product families, the Graph Layout Toolkit (GLT) and the Graph Editor Toolkit (GET). Designed as software components to be embedded within customer applications and equipped with a well-documented API, they are available for a wide range of programming environments.


Graphical User Interface Abstraction Layer Graph Draw Graph Layout Software Provider 
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  • Arne Frick
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  • Brendan Madden
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  1. 1.Tom Sawyer SoftwareBerkeley

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