From Normal to Anomalous Deterministic Diffusion

  • Roberto Artuso
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 618)


These lecture notes illustrate some features of deterministic transport in chaotic systems. The subject has witnessed an impressive amount of work in the last thirty years, and our review is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather focus on some unifying techniques by which the problem can be tackled, pointing out difficulties and open problems.

We start by dealing with the case of hyperbolic systems where typically normal diffusion is observed (even though actual calculation of transport coefficients may be exceedingly difficult), while the second part of the notes deals with weakly chaotic systems, where long trappings near regular phase-space regions may induce anomalies in diffusive properties. Examples of analytic calculations are given in the framework of cycle expansions, a general technique for getting chaotic averages.


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