AMR and GMR Layers and Multilayers for Magnetic Field Sensors

  • Anatoliy G. Ravlik
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 593)


The results of research on nanostructured film materials, both mono- and multilayerd showing anistropic or “giant” magnetoresistance (AMR and GMR respectively) are reviewed. The investigations carried out resulted in the development of some remarkable AMR elements such as “longitudinal” ones with increased sensitivity, multilayered film elements with crossed easy axes capable to detect magnetic field direction, etc. Some developed AMR sensor mockups are briefly described. In particular, it is reported about low magnetic field sensor with lowest level of about 0.002 A/cm. The dependences of “giant” magnetoresistive ratio and related characteristics on nonmagnetic interlayer thickness and bilayer number in multilayered nanostructures (Co/Cu)n are discussed. Some fields of GMR element applications are outlined.


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