Grid Computing: The Future of Distributed Computing for High Performance Scientific and Business Applications

  • Soumen Mukherjee
  • Joy Mustafi
  • Abhik Chaudhuri
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Grid computing offers an efficient method of coordinating resource sharing and problem solving in or between physically dispersed virtual organizations. It offers an opportunity to access greater computing power at a fraction of current cost of technology. Grid computing provides a powerful aggregated computing facility useful for high performance scientific and business activities. Universities and research communities have already started using the grid for solving complex and difficult problems that was previously unsolvable. Grid computing will have a great impact on the education, research and business activities of the developing nations. It is high time for the academic and business communities to work together and realise this promise.


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  • Soumen Mukherjee
    • 1
  • Joy Mustafi
    • 1
  • Abhik Chaudhuri
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  1. 1.Students of MCA Final YearRCC Institute of Information TechnologyKolkataIndia

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