Active Wave Experiments in Space Plasmas: The Z Mode

  • R.F. Benson
  • P.A. Webb
  • J.L. Green
  • D.L. Carpenter
  • V.S. Sonwalkar
  • H.G. James
  • B.W. Reinisch
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 687)


The term Z mode is space physics notation for the low-frequency branch of the extraordinary (X) mode. It is an internal, or trapped, mode of the plasma confined in frequency between the cutoff frequency f z and the upper-hybrid frequency fuh which is related to the electron plasma frequency fpe and the electron cyclotron frequency fce by the expression f 2 uh = f 2 pe + f 2 ce ; f z is a function of fpe and f ce .


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