The Synchronous Rotation of the Moon

  • Jacques Henrard
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Like most of the regular satellites of the solar system, the Moon presents the same face to its planet. Reference [9] showed how this peculiar feature correspond to an equilibrium, a Cassini’s state, of a simplified model of the rotation and how perturbations from this model lead not to the destabilization of this equilibrium but to the excitation of librations around it. The fact that so many satellites are found in this special state is due to internal dissipations of energy in the satellites which drive them to a state of minimum energy [4]. For the Moon itself several more or less complete theories of the librations around the mean equilibrium have been developed. Let us mention the works of Eckhardt (1965), Migus (1980) and [7]. The last one with its complements [8] seems the most elaborate.


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