Synchronous Wave–Particle Interaction

  • Vyacheslav A. Buts
  • Andrey N. Lebedev
  • V.I. Kurilko
Part of the Particle Acceleration and Detection book series (PARTICLE)


Electromagnetic radiation emitted by charged particles is an indispensable part of majority of courses on general electrodynamics. There are special monographs available, dedicated to some of the typical cases – such as synchrotron, transition, and Vavilov–Cherenkov radiation. As a rule, it is usually emphasized that the radiation field is the self-field of a charged particle in the far-field zone, where it decreases in inverse proportion to a distance from the emitter so that the total energy flow through a closed surface remains constant while the surface expands to infinity.


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  • Vyacheslav A. Buts
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  • Andrey N. Lebedev
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  • V.I. Kurilko
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  2. 2.Department of Theoretical PhysicsPN Lebedev Physical InstituteMoskvaRussia

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