Example of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System in Mold Design and Manufacturing

  • M. Nakao


The Japanese industry is now in need of production systems for that can handle variation, small quantities, and short lead-times. Such systems have to meet various customer-dependent, produce particular product variants in small quantities to reduce stock of finished products, and have short lead-times to quickly push new models from design to shipment. Those that require this type of production systems are large corporations, with annual sales in the billions of US dollars, which produce consumer products like automobiles, cellular phones, or LCD televisions. Also mid-sized market players have similar needs: companies with annual sales on the order of tens of million dollars, that produce electronic parts, mechanical modules, housing and so on. These companies must always have their production lines capable of change, irrelevant of the sales. This is because the mentioned consumer products and mid-way parts see the production peak, immediately before the product release and drop to a fraction within half a year.


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