COTS Component Testing through Built-In Test

  • Franck Barbier


Commercial software components have a typical characteristic, which is that they admit no variation. As a result, a component user has to cope with closed, even rigid, software units. In the case of interfaces, this is a sound characteristic because client/server coupling is well-defined, stabilized, and as low as possible. For implementation, this raises the problem of trustworthiness about a component’s actual behavior, its quality of service and its integration capability. In the spirit of a component marketplace, the key actions are choosing and replacing components, upgrading individual components and resultant COTS-based systems, and some inevitable customization. Taking competition into account, vendors may gain much credit by offering technical support for the building of slightly amended versions that permit evaluation, tuning, and more. The ability to endow Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components with Built-In Test (BIT) material to increase component testability and configurability is the major theme of this chapter. At deployment time, we may thus have new releases called BIT components. Moreover, error correction, functional enhancement, and Quality of Service (QoS) improvement, are also considered in this chapter through the fact that BIT components are relevant software artifacts to organize and instrument a software quality circle between reusers and providers: users’ feedbacks are BIT outputs that help and guide vendors in the construction of new versions.


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