Atlas of 3D Seismic Attributes

  • Trygve Randen
  • Lars Sønneland
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Seismic attributes have been a common tool in seismic data analysis since the mid to late seventies. Seismic attributes may highlight geological or geophysical effects, thus leading to a quicker analysis of the data. In the early works, seismic attributes were to a large degree limited to capture 1D effects occurring along the vertical seismic trace. Since the mid nineties, extensions to multi-trace attributes have become more popular. In this chapter we present a set of three-dimensional attributes for seismic data analysis. The attributes are designed to highlight the seismic expression of faults and stratigraphic features, and are designed to be genuine 3D with no implicit directionality bias on the result. The chapter is written to be an introduction to the technology. Feasibility tests of some of the approaches can be found in the chapter [4] of Carrillat and Vallès.


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