The Longitudinal Phase Plane

  • Peter Strehl
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Referring to (6.2) (Chap. 6) and keeping in mind that the particles are moving along the z-axis, the longitudinal phase plane is defined by Az = ∫ ∫ dz dpz. But, because the longitudinal coordinate z itself does not give very much practical information, it is usual to define a fictitious reference particle moving at υ = β c, which corresponds to a kinetic energy of W = m u c2(γ-1). Inserting mu = 931.5016 MeV/c2 for ions and mu = 0.511 MeV/c2 for electrons leads to the energy per mass unit in MeV/u. Therefore, the total energy of the reference particle is AW with A as the mass number of the ion and A = 1 for electrons. Considering rf accelerators, particles moving in a bunch along the z-axis


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