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Design issues for the GDSS model component

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In group decision-making situations, this chapter proposed the design of a model component that consists of an intertwining of content-oriented methods with process-oriented methods. Content-oriented methods include techniques of aggregation of preferences and consensus seeking algorithms. While the former helps sanction group results, the latter searches for areas of compromise. Process-oriented methods range from free-format electronic mail to structured communications such as the Nominal Group Technique and the Delphi method. To support the intertwining of approaches, group DSS should provide concurrent use of various decision methods and intelligent model management systems.

In the MCDM context, this chapter elaborated a unified framework for building generalized multiple criteria DSS. A DSS that integrates various MCDM can support a wide range of multiple decision situations, reduce the amount of information needed for MCDM inputs, and allow division of decision-making tasks.


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