A type model for VDM

  • B. Q. Monahan
Foundations I
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 252)


A model of types for use in VDM specifications is presented. Standard VDM types consisting of finitary values are given set-theoretic denotations, restricting the use of Scott domain theory to the provision of types for the continuous functions and Bekic mappings. An objective of this work was to give a simple account of recursively defined data types not involving the full apparatus surrounding the use of Scott domain theory. To do this, various “type universes” are introduced axiomatically for use as semantic denotation spaces for type expressions. Basic constructions of these universes are given to show that these axiomatic requirements can be satisfied. As these type universes indirectly specify the “values” that each type consists of, it also gives a framework for building a full semantic model of VDM.


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