Regular expressions for infinite trees and a standard form of automata

  • A. W. Mostowski
Conference paper
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For Rabin pair automata [R1] a standard form is defined /def. 2/ i.e. such that an ordered subset {s1,...,s2I-1} of states is distinguished in such a way that a path of a run is accepting /rejecting if for some i even/ odd, 1≤i≤2I-1, the si appears infinitely often, and all sj, j<i only finitely many times. The class of standard automata is big enough to represent all f.a. representable sets /th.1/ but has many properties similar to special automata defined in [R1]. A standard regular expression is defined /def. 6/ describing a process of forming of an infinite tree, as well as a process of building of an automaton /analysis and synthesis theorems 3,4/. The standard regular expressions are a generalisation of McNaughtons formula v d
. [N] /.


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