Cylindrical COUETTE-flow for non-newtonian fluids

  • D. Lhuillier
  • K. G. Roesner
IV. Kinematics of Viscous Flows
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 235)


The non-newtonian properties of a polymer solution are a consequence of the deformability of the polymer molecules. The constitutive equation which models the viscoelastic behaviour of this non-newtonian liquid, was derived on thermodynamic grounds by LHUILLIER and OUIBRAHIM [1]. The resulting equations were recently solved by ROESNER [2] for the COUETTE-flow problem and the steady state velocity field was fully obtained analytically. Here it is used as a basic solution for a linear stability analysis. Preliminary results concerning the influence of polymer molecules on the onset of TAYLOR-GÖRTLER vortices are discussed.


Steady State Velocity Newtonian Case Dilute Polymer Solution Basic Velocity Normal Stress Coefficient 
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  • D. Lhuillier
  • K. G. Roesner

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