Accuracy of model parameters from spectroscopic fine analyses of supernovae

  • K. Hempe
4. Optical Supernovae and Inference of Extragalatic Distances
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A modelgrid of hydrogen Balmer lines has been calculated for supernova atmospheres by the comoving frame technique. The theoretical line profiles have been used for an analysis of SN 1983 in NGC 1448. The comparison of theoretical and observed equivalent widths and line strengths give information on the accuracy of the model parameters as they result from the spectroscopic fine analyses. It has been found that temperature, density, and velocity structure can be well determined, while the photospheric radius is uncertain by a factor of 2. With the knowledge of the age of the supernova it is possible to find a consistent model. The internal accuracy of the model parameters has been found to be of the order of 10 percent.


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