N=1 Supergravity unified theories and their experimental signatures

  • Pran Nath
  • R. Arnowitt
  • A. H. Chamseddine
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 208)


A review is given of the recent developments of the N=l Supergravity unified theories. The first part of these lectures contains the underlying formalism while the second part contains a discussion of the phenomenological consequences of the theory. The lectures begin with a brief introduction to the supergravity-matter couplings and a deduction of the Lagrangian which couples an arbitrary number of chiral multiplets and a vector multiplet to supergravity. This is followed by a discussion of the phenomena of gravity induced symmetry breaking via the super Higgs effect. The effective low energy theory that arises after elimination of the super Higgs and heavy fields is exhibited. Generation of the weak scale in the theory at the tree level (T.B. models) or through renormalization group effects (R.G. models) is discussed. Gauge hierarchy of the Supergravity unified theory at the tree level and at the one loop level is discussed. Next a model independent formulation of the low energy theory is given which can accommodate a wide variety of N=1 Supergravity models. Particle content of this model independent theory is exhibited by diagonalization of the mass matrices in the supersymmetric sectors of the gauge bosons and Higgs bosons and in the squark and slepton sectors. The interaction vertices in terms of the physical fields are exhibited. Experimental signatures of N=l Supergravity unified theory are investigated in a variety of phenomena. These include supersymmetric decays of the W+- and Z0 and possible experimental signals for the production of Winos, Zinos, squarks and sleptons at energies currently avaialble at the PP Collider at CERN or in future experiments at SLC, LEP, Tevatron or SSC. Events with special signatures in the W and Z decays are found to be UFO events, lepton-jet events and certain exotic events. Other signatures of the theory are supersymmetric electro-weak effects on gu-2 which are generally found to be larger than the electro-weak contributions of the standard Weinberg-Salam theory. Supersymmetric corrections to the p parameter, sin 20W and to MW and MZ masses are also discussed.


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