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  • H. Spitzer
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A total of 26 papers have been contributed to the experimental discussion session. I will discuss some of the tools needed for 2γ experimentation and then point to highlights and regions of particular progress in the last two years. The process γγ → η → γγ has been measured for the first time as well as the cross section for γγ → p+p. The latter rules out a resonance interpretation for α (γγ → p°p°). Progress has been made in understanding the fo shape by an interference mechanism. Previous determinations of σtot γγ → hadrons) have suffered from limited detector acceptance. The ongoing analyses of PLUTO, JADE and PEP4 + PEP9 data look promising. A separation of σTT and σTL seems possible. The first measurement of the Q2 dependence of high pT jet production was presented. Both high pT and high Q2 help in extracting the Born process γγ → \(q\overline q\) by suppressing competing processes. Progress has been made in measuring the photon structure function F2. The data available have increased from the original 110 PLUTO events in 1981 to well above 2000 events from five experiments. The Q2 limit accessible has grown from 15 GeV2 to about 200 GeV2. A proper unfolding method which converts the measured event distribution into a structure function F2 (x, Q2) has been presented.


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