γγ and eγ collisions at future high energy colliders

  • J. H. Field
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 191)


After briefly reviewing previous work on two photon collisions at future high energy colliders e+e, ep, pp, pp) a comparative survey is made of PETRA, LEP, SLC and HERA from the view points of luminosity, acceptance and energy range. A more detailed study is then presented of a 0° tagging system in the proton beam line of HERA. Bremsstrahlung background and the separation of two photon production and diffractive electroproduction events are briefly discussed. It is concluded that HERA gives a unique possibility to study single and double tag two photon physics for large centre of mass energies > 10 GeV.

The interest of observing W± and Z° production in virtual photon e, p collisions at HERA is also mentioned.

In the second part of the talk, devoted to the more distant future, the possibility of producing real γγ or Ye collisions in very high energy linear colliders such as SLC or VLEPP is discussed. Both the technical realisation, by Compton back scattering of high intensity laser beams, and the new domain of physics which would be opened to experiment are considered. Large rates of single Z° and W±production are expected in γe collisions well as measurable rates for W+W pair production in γγ collisions. The W production cross sections are sensitive to the fundamental gauge boson vertices γWW and γγWW.


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