Intelligent console a universal user interface of a computer system

  • Itsujiro Arita
Part IV, User Interfaces
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 143)


The intelligent console (INC) is a microcomputer inserted between a computer and its opetator console. Although INC is simple, it offers a very flexible user interface of a computer system. Usually, a user interface of a computer system is pre-specified by its operating system. So, if we want somewhat non-standard usage of a computer system, such as remote access to a batch opetating system, we must provide new hardware and software. It is very difficult for a user to implement such a system, because it requires the users to improve or modify the operating system. Using INC, we can easily add a new function to the computer system, without modification of its operating system.

In this paper, we discuss the concept of INC and some of its applications. Although INC is a supplementary method to extend an operating system, it is very useful when we want a new function on a ready-made opetating system. This seems to suggest a method to construct user extensible operating systems.


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