Landau emission in semiconductors

  • E. Gornik
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 133)


Electrically excited cyclotron emission has been observed in several semiconductors (InSb, GaAs, CdHgTe and Si-inversion layers). Maximum output powers of 1 μW are chieved for n-GaAs and n-InSb sources in the parallel field (E ‖ B) configuration. Emission linewidths are found to be between 1 cm−1 and 2 cm−1 for the purest samples available determined by ionized impurity scattering. Investigations of the electric field dependence have shown that the observed intensities are well described with hot electron distribution functions. The energy relaxation is governed by an interplay of electron-electron scattering and optical phonon emission in III–V semi-conductors. Electron-electron scattering is also responsible for the electronic lifetime in the 1.Landau level giving values of 10-9 sec for excited electron densities of 1012cm−3. Applications of Landau emission sources are shown in spectroscopy and testing of fast detectors.


Landau Level Energy Relaxation Lower Landau Level Ionize Impurity Scattering Electric Field Dependence 
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  • E. Gornik
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  1. 1.Institut für ExperimentalphysikUniversität InnsbruckAustria

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