Is the “elementary particle” elementary or composite?

Part I. Mass Quantization: The Search for the Basis States
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 81)


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References for Chapter 3.

  1. The quotation by G. F. Chew at the beginning of the chapter is from the book Strong-Interaction Physics by M. Jacob and G. F. Chew, W. A. Benjamin, Inc., publishers, New York (1964), page 104. The quotation by B. T. Feld at the beginning of the chapter is from his book Models of Elementary Particles, Blaisdell Publishing Company, Waltham (1969), page 361. References to the quark model of Gell-Mann and Zweig are given at the end of Chapter 4. The proliferation of quarks in recent times is discussed, for example, by J. D. Bjorken in the SLAC report SLAC-PUB-1668, which is a symposium summary of the International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions, Stanford University, Stanford, California, August, 1975. For an interesting review of contemporary quark models, see Y. Nambu, “The Confinement of Quarks”, Scientific American, November, 1976, page 48. Also see D. B. Lichtenberg, J. G. Willis, and J. T. Kiehl, Physical Review Letters 39, 1592 (1977), “Interpretation of the T(9.5) as Evidence for Another Quark”.Google Scholar

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