Fracture and failure of multiphase polymers and polymer composites

  • Clive B. Bucknall
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 27)


Fracture Toughness Polymer Composite Impact Strength Crack Opening Displacement Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanic 
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List of Symbols


Crack length

\(\dot a\)

Crack speed


Eyring pre-exponential factor


Effective cross-sectional area of specimen


Total cross-sectional area of specimen


Area strain


Specimen thickness in impact test


Specimen compliance

C(t, T)

Parameters in Oxborough and Bowden's criterion

D(t, T)

for crazing


Young's modulus


Fracture surface energy in opening mode (Mode I)


Fracture surface energy in in-plane shear mode (Mode II)


Fracture surface energy for mixture of Modes I and II


Fracture surface energy of composite


Fracture surface energy of matrix


Length of crack tip


Activation enthalpy


Impact energy (impact strength)


Kinetic energy contribution to impact strength


Path independent energy line integral around a crack tip


Critical value of J I at crack initiation


Boltzmann's constant


Stress intensity factor at crack tip


Fracture toughness


Plane strain fracture toughness


Plane stress fracture toughness


Plastic zone length


Radius of yield zone


Energy absorbed per unit area of ligament in impact test






Glass transition temperature


Activation volume


Volume strain


Volume strain at zero time under load


Specimen width


Specimen compliance factor C/dC/d\(\left( {\frac{a}{w}} \right)\)


Stress concentration factor


Crack opening displacement (COD)


Critical COD


Strain at break


Major principal tensile strain

\(\dot \in\)

Strain rate


Volume fraction of inclusions or voids


Pressure coefficient in modified von Mises yield criteria


Poisson's ratio



σ1, σ2, σ3

Principal stresses


Critical stress at fracture


Yield stress


Yield stress of matrix


Yield stress of composite


Constant in modified von Mises criterion


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