Observations bearing on convection

  • K.H. Böhm
III. Observatinal Aspects
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 71)


  1. 1.

    Solar observations contain a considerable amount of information on the hydrodynamics of stellar convection. We emphasize and discuss especially

  2. (a)

    the existence of two very different cell sizes,

  3. (b)

    the unexpectedly high cross-correlation between vertical velocities and temperature fluctuations in the granulation,

  4. (c)

    the fast “downdrafts” in intergranular regions,

  5. (d)

    the existence of cells much larger than the scale height,

  6. (e)

    the strange behavior of the temperature fluctuations in the supergranulation, and

  7. (f)

    the importance of convective overshoot.

  8. 2.

    The Li-Be problem and its possible relevance as an indicator of convective overshoot is briefly summarized.

  9. 3.

    Convection may have a stronger influence on the observable properties of Herich (“non-DA”) white dwarfs than of most other stars. We discuss especially

  10. (a)

    the persistence of outer convection zones through a very wide range of effective temperatures,

  11. (b)

    the occurence of convection in high layers of the atmosphere,

  12. (c)

    the relatively high efficiency of convection in white dwarf atmospheres, and

  13. (d)

    the relevance of convection to the cooling problem.



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