Eine Klasse geordneter Monoide und ihre Anwendbarkeit in der Fixpunktsemantik

  • V. Lohberger
Vorträge In Der Reihenfolge Des Programms
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 48)


Taking ordered monoids, which obey some extra axioms that concern the relation-ship between order relation and monoid structure we topologize them by means of the order relation and investigate the resulting spaces. They turn out to be fixpoint-spaces.

Proceeding to function spaces in which the elements are not only monoid operable, that means they can be added, but also structurable, that means components of elements can be selected and compound elements can be contructed from simpler ones, the axiomatic properties of the original spaces turn over to the latter ones; the algebraic operations are continous and thus fixpoint-equations with these operations can be solved.


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