Surveys of the galactic plane at 5 GHz.

  • W. J. Altenhoff
Part V: Large-Scale Distribution of H II Regions
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 42)


A new survey of the galactic plane between 1=359° and 55°, b=±2°, has been made at 5 GHz with the 100-m telescope, with a half-power beamwidth of 2.61. Preliminary contour maps show more than 1000 peaks. The strong increase in the number of apparent sources is mainly due to the resolution of the well known source complexes into separate components.

All of the sources with antenna temperatures greater than 1 K in the continuum survey are being observed in the Hll0α and H2C0 lines. The two lines are observed simultaneously. The purpose of these surveys is to identify which sources are thermal and to derive their kinematic distances.

The participants in these continuum and line surveys are W.J. Altenhoff, J. Bieging, D. Downes, T.A. Pauls, J. Schram], T.L. Wilson and J.E. Wink.


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