In the last years the research of context-free languages was concentrated on the problems of syntactic analysis and recently on the problems of the integrated theory of parsing and compiling using affix (Koster [18]) or attribute grammars (Lewis [25], Bochmann [2], Knuth [16]).

In this paper the requirements on parsing methods in compilers are discussed. The advantages of top-down parsing method are summarized and a modification of the top-down method able to parse LR(k) grammars without left recursive symbols is given.

The problem of the syntactic analysis is then reduced to the problem how to insert “action symbols” (controlling the compiling) into the input string. It is shown that in such a treatment the differencies between the bottom-up and top-down methods are in some sense less important. Some bottom-up methods, especially the LR(k) ones, have hidden top-down features which can be easily used up. Some modifications of bottom up methods allowing to produce top-down like parsing information are discussed.


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