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Table 1 Examples of minimum information checklists from different disciplines, to ensure the reproducibility and appropriate interpretability of experiments within their domains

From: Minimum Information and Quality Standards for Conducting, Reporting, and Organizing In Vitro Research

Name Scope/goal Developer Link/publication
ENCODE Experimental guidelines, quality standards, uniform analysis pipeline, software tools, and ontologies for epigenetic experiments ENCODE consortium (Sloan et al. 2016)
MIABE Descriptions of interacting entities: small molecules, therapeutic proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, food additives EMBL-EBI industry program (Orchard et al. 2011)
MIAME Specification of microarray experiments: raw data, processed data, sample annotation, experimental design, annotation of the array, laboratory and data processing protocols FGED society (Brazma et al. 2001)
MIAPE Minimum set of information about a proteomics experiment Human proteome organization (HUPO) proteomics
Standards initiative (Binz et al. 2008)
MIFlowCyt Flow cytometry experimental overview, sample description, instrumentation, reagents, and data analysis International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC) (Lee et al. 2008)
MIMIx Minimum information guidelines for molecular interaction experiments HUPO proteomics
Standards initiative (Orchard et al. 2007)
MIQE Quantitative PCR assay checklist, including experimental design, sample, nucleic acid extraction, reverse transcription, target information, oligonucleotides, protocol, validation, and data analysis Group of research-active scientists (Bustin et al. 2009)
MISFISHIE Specifications for in situ hybridization and IHC experiments: experimental design, biomaterials and treatments, reporters, staining, imaging data, and image characterization NIH/NIDDK stem cell genome anatomy projects consortium (Deutsch et al. 2008)
STRENDA Reagents and conditions used for enzyme activity and enzyme inhibition studies STRENDA consortium (Tipton et al. 2014)
  1. IHC immunohistochemistry, NIH National Institutes of Health, NIDDK National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, PCR polymerase chain reaction