Biodegradable Polymeric Assemblies for Biomedical Materials

  • Yuichi OhyaEmail author
  • Akihiro Takahashi
  • Koji Nagahama
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 247)


Recently, self-assembled systems using biodegradable polymers at the nanometer scale, such as microspheres, nanospheres, polymer micelles, nanogels, and polymersomes, have attracted much attention especially in biomedical fields. To construct such self-assembled systems, it is extremely important to have precise control of intermolecular noncovalent interactions, such as hydrophobic interactions based on their amphiphilic molecular structures. Biodegradable polymers, especially aliphatic polyesters such as polylactide, polyglycolide, poly(ε-caplolactone) and their copolymers, have been used as biomedical materials for a long time. This chapter is mainly focused on aliphatic polyesters and related polymers, and reviews the synthetic methods for amphiphilic biodegradable polymers containing aliphatic polyesters as components. Moreover, the application of various types of self-assembly systems using amphiphilic biodegradable copolymers such as micro- or nanosized particles (microspheres, nanospheres, polymer micelles, nanogels, polymersomes), supramolecular physically interlocked systems, and stimuli-responsive systems for biomedical use such as drug delivery systems are also reviewed.


Aliphatic polyesters Amphiphilic polymers Polymer micelles Self-assembly Smart materials 









Aspartic acid


Atom transfer radical polymerization


Bovine serum albumin






Cholesterol group-modified enzymatically synthesized glycogen






Critical micelle concentration




Drug delivery system














Ethyl ethylene phosphate


Enhanced permeability and retention


Food and Drug Administration


Fluorescein isothiocyanate




Glycolic acid




Hyaluronic acid


Hexamethylene diisocyanate




Injectable polymer


Isopropyl ethylene phosphate




Lower critical solution temperature




Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone




Liver sinusoidal endothelial cell




Malic acid


Malide dibenzyl ester






Messenger RNA




N-carboxy anhydride


Near-infrared fluorescence


Nuclear magnetic resonance




Oil in water








Poly(acrylic acid)




Phosphate-buffered saline








Poly(ethyl ethylene)


Poly(ethylene glycol)


Poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate


Poly(ethyle oxide)


Poly(glycolic acid), polyglycolide


Polyion complex


Poly(lactic acid), polylactide






Poly(malic acid)


Poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine)










Poly(trimethylene carbonate)




Poly(vinyl alcohol)


Reticuloendothelial system


Arginine–glycine–aspartic acid


Ring-opening polymerization






Small interfering RNA


Shape-memory polymers


Tricarboxylic acid


Glass transition temperature






Melting temperature


Trimethylene carbonate






Water in oil in water


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