Gas–Polymer Interactions: Key Thermodynamic Data and Thermophysical Properties

  • Jean-Pierre E. GrolierEmail author
  • Séverine A. E. Boyer
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 238)


Gas–polymer interactions play a pivotal role in the formation of different molecular organizations/reorganizations of polymeric structures. Such structural modifications can have a negative impact on the material properties and should be understood in order to prevent them or these modifications are of engineering interest and they should be purposely tailored and properly controlled. Two newly developed techniques, gas-sorption/solubility and scanning transitiometry, are shown to be well adapted to provide the necessary (key) data to better understand and monitor the polymeric modifications observed under the triple constraints of temperature, elevated pressure, and gas sorption. This article illustrates the major contribution of gas–polymer interactions in different interconnected applied and engineering fields of the petroleum industry, polymer science, and microelectronics.


Gas sorption Glass transition High pressure Self-assembling Solubility Transitiometry Vibrating-wire technique 


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    • 1
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  • Séverine A. E. Boyer
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  2. 2.Centre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux (CEMEF)Mines ParisTechValbonneFrance

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