Strategies for the Preparation of Synthetic Transfection Vectors

  • Asier Unciti-BrocetaEmail author
  • Matthew N. Bacon
  • Mark Bradley
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 296)



In the late 1980s independent work by Felgner and Behr pioneered the use of cationic materials to complex and deliver nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells. Since this time, a vast number of synthetic transfection vectors, which are typically divided into two main “transfectors”, have been developed namely: (1) cationic lipids and (2) polycationic polymers. In this chapter the main synthetic approaches used for the synthesis of these compounds will be reviewed with particular attention paid to: cationic lipids and dendrimers. This review is aimed primarily at the younger audience of doctoral students and non-specialist readers.

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Cationic lipids Cell delivery Dendrimers Gene therapy Transfection 



Acquired immune deficiency syndrome


10,10′-bis[3-carboxypropyl]-9,9′-biacridinium dinitrate


Bisguanidinium tren-cholesterol




















Dioctadylamidoglycylspermine, trifluoroacetic salt




N-[1-(2,3-Dioleoyloxy)propyl-N-[1-(2-hydroxy)ethyl]-N,N-dimethylammonium iodide


1,2-Dioleyloxypropyl-3-dimethylhydroxyethylammonium bromide


N,N-Dimethyl-N-[2-sperminecarboxamido)-ethyl]-2,3-bis(dioleyl oxy)-1-propanimium pentachloride


N-[1-(2,3-Dioleyloxy)propyl]-N,N,N-trimethylammonium chloride




Gemini Surfactant 1




















Synthetic Amphiphiles INTerdisciplinary


Small interfering RNA


N-[Tris(3-(amino)propyl)methyl]tetraeicosanamide trihydrochloride


Trifluoroacetic acid




Triisopropyl silane





We thank the MRC and BBSRC for funding.


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