Run-Time and Atomic Weaving of Distributed Aspects

  • Eddy Truyen
  • Wouter Joosen
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4242)


Run-time weaving of distributed aspects, if performed without any support for atomicity, endangers the global behavioral integrity of the application. Existing aspect-oriented middleware supports run-time weaving of distributed aspects, without addressing this problem. This inherently limits the type of behavioral changes that can be performed at run time. This paper presents a model and an architecture for middleware, named Lasagne, that supports run-time weaving of distributed aspects in an atomic way. The paper makes the case that run-time weaving of distributed aspects is well suited for supporting dynamic and behavioral adaptations that are cross-component, cross-node or cross-layer. Adding support for atomic weaving ensures that such system-wide adaptations are performed in a safe and coordinated way.


aspect-oriented middleware run-time weaving 


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  • Wouter Joosen
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