Advances in Wireless Personal Area Networking

  • Victor C. M. Leung
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Over the last ten years, the emergence of license-free wireless networking technologies has been one of the most exciting developments in the communications area. These technologies are already widely used in wireless local area networks, which provide local area connectivity in computer networks. Wireless personal area networks (WPANs), which communicate using license-free radios over much shorter distances, are emerging to bring ubiquitous network connectivity to consumer electronic devices. First generation WPANs based on the Bluetooth technology are already widely deployed in cellular telephones, audio headsets, and personal digital assistants. In the next few years, high data rate WPANs, especially those employing ultra wideband (UWB) transmissions, will increasingly provide multimedia connectivity to home entertainment systems. This presentation will describe the advances of WPAN technologies from Bluetooth to high data rate WPANs. Research results in Bluetooth and high data rate WPANs accomplished at the University of British Columbia will be highlighted. Future trends and open research problems will be discussed.

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  • Victor C. M. Leung
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