Multi-agent Based Selfish Routing for Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks

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Agent based systems are being used to solve problems ranging from Web search strategies to autonomous robots.In this paper we discuss a multi-agent based selfish routing problem in multi-channel wireless mesh networks. In this selfish routing, k pairs of source-sink (destination) pairs are managed by k different intelligent agents. All the agents are selfish; each agent’s goal is to minimize its own cost without considering the overall performance of the network. Meanwhile, the agents are rational, they always meet the embarrassment that whether they face the probability of causing interference for routing flow by a short cut or they route flow by a longer way steadily. We introduce the game theoretic tools to direct the agents to make feasible choices. We yield a sufficient condition of the existence of pure strategy Nash equilibria and proof it in this paper (we call this the Strong Transmission Game). Some simulations reveal the feasibility of our proposition.


Multi-Agent Wireless Mesh Networks Game Theory Nash Equilibrium Selfish Routing 


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