Linear-Time 2-Approximation Algorithm for the Watchman Route Problem

  • Xuehou Tan
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3959)


Given a simple polygon P of n vertices, the watchman route problem asks for a shortest (closed) route inside P such that each point in the interior of P can be seen from at least one point along the route. We present a simple, linear-time algorithm for computing a watchman route of length at most 2 times that of the shortest watchman route. The best known algorithm for computing a shortest watchman route takes O(n 4 log n) time, which is too complicated to be suitable in practice.

This paper also involves an optimal O(n) time algorithm for computing the set of so-called essential cuts, which are the line segments inside the polygon P such that any route visiting them is a watchman route. It solves an intriguing open problem by improving the previous O(n log n) time result, and is thus of interest in its own right.


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  • Xuehou Tan
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