A Generalised Similarity Measure for Question Answering

  • Gerhard Fliedner
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3513)


We define the Generalised Similarity Measure (GSM) as a means of uniformly and efficiently storing linguistic information to search for answers in Question Answering (QA) systems. It computes the similarity between a question representation and those of possible answers in a document collection as a database query. Linguistic knowledge from different sources can be used and combined in the GSM, allowing to find matches even with imperfect representations. To show the viability of the concept, we have implemented the GSM in a proof-of-concept QA system for German, employing information from WordNet and FrameNet. First experiments have been promising, large-scale tests are underway.


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  • Gerhard Fliedner
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  1. 1.DFKI GmbHSaarbrücken
  2. 2.Computational LinguisticsSaarland UniversitySaarbrücken

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