Autonomous Mobile Robots – From Science Fiction to Reality

  • N. Jesse
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 179)


For hundreds of years, people have dreamt of automatons that assist them in simple as well as difficult tasks. The term “automaton” dates back as far as the Iliad, where “automate” is used in connection with the self-opening doors of Mount Olympus. In the 18th century, mechanics and watchmakers began to build humanoid robots. The Swiss Jaquet Droz, for example, embarked on the difficult undertaking of developing a “writer” that was able to write without human assistance. The term “robot” was coined by the Czech novelist Capek and derives from the Czech robota (= labour) and robotnik (= workman). The idea of a highly intelligent automated being was picked up by other authors, the most prominent among them the Polish novelist Isaac Asimov, who predicted many contemporary concepts in his utopian writings. Asimov is also renowned for his three robot laws:


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