2.5. Tidal power plants

2 Hydroelectric power
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It contains:

2.5 Tidal power plants (TPP)

2.5.1 Introduction

2.5.2 The tides Cause and effect Characteristics Resonance Energy potential Coastal zones with substantial tides

2.5.3 Schemes and operating modes of TPPs

2.5.4 Preliminary assessment of the annual energy potential of single-basins TPPs Application of the modeling technique to a single, high-basin TPP Geography and hydrography of the chosen site Sluicing Power generation Change in water level of high basin Building and operating the model Application of the modeling technique to a single, low-basin TPP

2.5.5 The economic value of tidal energy Economic fringe benefits

2.5.6 Tidal power engineering since the 1960’s The La Rance TPP Purpose The site The plant Construction Operation Environment Cost of energy The Annapolis pilot TPP The Kislaya Guba pilot TPP Tidal power applications in China The Jiangxia experimental TPP The Shashan TPP The Haishan TPP The Xingfuyang TPP Environmentally-oriented pilot TPPs

2.5.7 Layout and civil works design of a TPP Construction in the dry Construction in the wet Power plant design Sluiceway design Numerical, hydraulic and hybrid models as tools for design and construction planning

2.5.8 Some rules-of-thumb for assessing tidal power potentials

2.5.9 The future of tidal energy Environmental concerns Lack of confidence in cost estimates Concern about the value of tidal energy

2.5.10 References for 2.5


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