Other X-rich compounds

Compounds of rare earth elements and Be, Mg, Zn, Cd or Hg
  • D. SchmittEmail author
Part of the Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter book series


Magnetic properties of other X-rich compounds.

This document is part of Subvolume D 'Rare Earth Elements, Alloys and Compounds' of Volume 32 'Magnetic Properties of Metals', which forms a supplement to Volume 19.

Substances considered within this document (element system and chemical formula):

Cd-Ce: Ce13Cd58, CeCd11, CeCd2, CeCd3, CeCd6. Ce-Mg: CeMg3. Ce-Zn: CeZn11, CeZn5. Eu-Mg: EuMg5, EuMg5.2. Cd-La: LaCd11. La-Mg: LaMg3. La-Zn: LaZn11. Cd-Pr: PrCd11. Mg-Pr: PrMg3.


Néel temperature Curie temperature magnetic moment thermoelectric power neutron scattering cross section Mössbauer spectra heat capacity 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratoire Magnetisme Louis NéelCNRSGrenoble Cedex 9France

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