Evolution of EO/GIS Interoperability towards an Integrated Application Infrastructure

  • Günther Landgraf
Conference paper
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Combination of data and services (i.e. ‘Interoperation’) is one of the key concerns to develop a geographical information business network, in particular for near real-time information derived from satellite-based earth observation. In this logic the current situation of the satellite ground segments is not satisfactory and will require a conceptual improvement. Various international standardization and harmonization activities, like CCSDS OAIS, CEOS CIP, FGDC GEO, OGC OpenGIS, ISO TC/211 are identified as the basis for interoperability, but will need to evolve to an ‘integrated application infrastructure’ that organizes service interoperation, thereby building production chains for specialized high-value application products. Within the area of application programmes the European Space Agency has a vital interest to support this convergence and is investing in research projects to support European industry to participate in this process.


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