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  • P. J. Webster
  • K.R.A. Ziebeck
Part of the Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter book series (volume 19c)



This document is part of Subvolume C ‘Alloys and Compounds of d-Elements with Main Group Elements. Part 2’ of Volume 19 ‘Magnetic Properties of Metals’ of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter.

Substances contained in this document (element systems and chemical formulae)

Al-Au-Mn: Au2MnAl. Al-Co-Mn: Co2MnAl. Al-Cu-Mn: (CuMn)3Al. Al-Cu-Mn: Cu2MnAl. Al-Cu-Mn: Cu3Mn2Al. Al-Cu: Î3-Cu9Al4. Al-Fe-Mn: Fe2MnAl. Al-Ir-Mn: Ir2MnAl. Al-Mn-Ni: Ni2MnAl. Al-Mn-Pd: Pd2MnAl. Al-Mn-Pt: Pt2MnAl. Al-Mn-Rh: Rh2MnAl. Au-Cu-Mn: Au2MnCu. Au-Ga-Mn: Au2MnGa. Au-In-Mn: Au2MnIn. Au-Mn-Zn: Au2MnZn. Co-Ga-Mn: Co2MnGa. Co-Ge-Mn: Co2MnGe. Co-Mn-Sb: Co2MnSb. Co-Mn-Sb: Co1.5MnSb. Co-Mn-Si: Co2MnSi. Co-Mn-Sn: Co2MnSn. Co-Sb-Ti: Co2TiSb. Cu-In-Mn: Cu2MnIn. Cu-Mn-Sb: Cu2MnSb. Cu-Mn-Sn: Cu2MnSn. Fe-Mn-Si: (FeMn)3Si. Fe-Mn-Si: Fe2MnSi. Fe-Mn-Si: Fe3-xMnxSi. Fe-Si: Fe3Si. Ga-Mn-Ni: Ni2MnGa. Ga-Mn-Pt: Pt2MnGa. Ga-Mn-Rh: Rh2MnGa. Ge-Mn-Pd: Pd2MnGe. Ge-Mn-Rh: Rh2MnGe. In-Mn-Ni: Ni2MnIn. In-Mn-Pd-Sn: Pd2MnIn1-xSnx. In-Mn-Pd: Pd2MnIn. In-Mn-Rh: Rh2MnIn. Mn-Ni-Sb: Ni2MnSb. Mn-Ni-Sn: Ni2MnSn. Mn-Pb-Rh: Rh2MnPb. Mn-Pd-Sb: Pd2MnSb. Mn-Pd-Sn: Pd2MnSn. Mn-Rh-Sb: Rh2MnSb. Mn-Rh-Sn: Rh2MnSn. Mn-Rh-Tl: Rh2MnTl. Mn-Si: Mn3Si.


Magnetic Properties of Metals Alloys and Compounds of d-Elements with Main Group Elements. Part 2 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • P. J. Webster
  • K.R.A. Ziebeck

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